Upcoming Events!

Thursday 27th July : Wildflower identification walk with Karen Sun of Parks, Forestry and Recreation. Meet 6 pm at St Clair W subway exit on Heath St West.

Former Children’s garden is now Community garden

The former Children’s Garden has now become a Community Garden. Here is the communication from the new group:

It’s summer! We are gardening away!

The new coordinator is Carol Krismer.  We are looking for more gardeners to join – it will be a communal garden (not individual plots per gardener – the allotment model).   Please find us on Facebook and email cedarvalegarden@gmail.com if you want to know more!

Become a Volunteer Steward at Nordheimer Ravine!
From May to September, volunteers trained by the City’s Forestry staff spend one designated evening a week with a team leader and staff in the Nordheimer Ravine. They clear out invasive species, plant native vegetation, and monitor and create habitat for wildlife. Everyone’s welcome to join the team, including high school students needing co-op work. Volunteers and the general public get free access to educational workshops with experts. The department within Forestry responsible for the program is natural environment and community programs – community stewardship programs – .greentoronto@toronto.ca