What We’ve Been Up To

In 2018, the following events have taken place:

Sunday 2nd September: Nature walk with Miles Hearn: We explored the northern end of the park and back to the wetland area:

https://mileshearn.com/Cedarvale Ravine: September 2, 2018

Wednesday 8th August: Evening nature walk with Karen Sun of Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Saturday 19th May: Plant Identification hike with Toronto Bruce Trail Club, led by Marilyn MacKellar and Glynn Richardson. We met at St Clair W subway exit on Heath St W at 10 am. The hike followed the Cedarvale Ravine north from Heath St W.

Saturday 12th May: Tree planting with Parks, Forestry and Recreation; site is on the south side of the slope down from Humewood/Heathdale entrance.

Sunday 22nd April: Cleanup Day: Meeting place was under the Glen Cedar foot bridge at 10 am (despite construction work there). Some 20-30 volunteers showed up to help keep the park clean.

Saturday 21st April: Tree For Me: Because of the bad weather, this event had been postponed from Environment Day at Wychwood Barns. Instead, we had a table at the Farmers Market and tables outside in the courtyard beside the STOP for check-in and tree pickup.. Friends of Cedarvale and Tree For Me gave out free native trees and shrubs that had been ordered online; there were also trees available for walkups. Some 100 trees were given away.

This Tree For Me event was supported by funding from Every Tree Counts, a partnership between Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation and the City of Toronto.

Wednesday 31st January: Miles Hearn led a nature walk in Cedarvale for the Toronto Field Naturalists. We joined them.

In 2017, the following events took place:

Sunday 5th November: We had a table at the Eco-Fair at the Wychwood Barns 11am to 4 pm.

Saturday 23rd September: Tree planting event with Parks, Forestry & Recreation on the slope between Strathearn and the dog off-leash area.

Sunday 17th September: Plant identification hike with Marilyn MacKellar and Glynn Richardson of the Toronto Bruce Trail Club.

Thursday 27th July : Wildflower identification walk with Karen Sun of Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Sunday 2nd July: Nature walk took place with well known naturalist Miles Hearn, starting from St Clair W subway exit on Heath St W.

Saturday 1st July: We had a table at the Hon Carolyn Bennett’s 1st July celebration at Spadina House gardens, noon to 3 pm.

Saturday 10th June: Nature walk with Toronto Bruce Trail Club, leaders Marilyn MacKellar and Glynn Richardson, from Heath St West subway exit.

Sunday 30th April, Environment Day, 10 am to 2 pm at Wychwood Barns. We had a table, but the event was curtailed early by bad weather.

Saturday 29th April: Tree planting with Parks 10 am to noon: 250 trees and shrubs were planted by about 120 volunteers.

Sunday 23rd April: Cleanup Day with Councillor Joe Mihevc. We met under the Glen Cedar footbridge at 10 am.

In 2016, the following activities took place:

Sunday 6th November: we had a table at the Eco-Fair at Wychwood Barns. Many people came and visited us there.

Saturday 1st October: Planting event with Parks, Forestry & Recreation; 100 shrubs planted on slope beside new steps up from Phil White Arena parking lot.

Saturday 17th September: Plant Identification Hike with the Toronto Bruce Trail Club; co-leaders Marilyn MacKellar and Glynn Richardson. “Slow” hike starting at the St Clair West station, Heath St exit, learning to identify plants.

Sunday 10th July: Nature walk with Miles Hearn from the Heath St W entrance to St Clair W subway.

Sunday 5th June: Toronto Bruce Trail Club plant hike through Cedarvale. Co-leader: Marilyn MacKellar. Friends of Cedarvale joined the Bruce Trail group. It was a “very slow” hike, focussing on plants and historical background.

Sunday 8th May: Environment Day at Wychwood Barns; we had a table, but the event got rained out half way through.

Saturday 30th April: Tree planting on slope beside Phil White Arena carpark with Parks, Forestry & Recreation; 200 trees and bushes planted by 50 volunteers.

Sunday 24th April: Cleanup Day with Councillor Joe Mihevc: met at 10 am under the Glen Cedar footbridge.

Wednesday 30th March: Naturalist Miles Hearn led a Toronto Field Naturalists nature walk through the ravine. Some Friends of Cedarvale members joined in.

Wednesday 20th January: Attended  meeting organized by Suzuki Foundation at Wychwood Library to discuss idea of a “flyway” or corridor through Cedarvale for butterflies and other creatures (see blog for notes).

In 2015, the following activities took place:

Sunday 26th April: Friends of Cedarvale table at Environment Day at Wychwood Barns.

Sunday 3rd May: Cleanup Day in partnership with Councillor Joe Mihevc: a large amount of garbage was removed from the park by many volunteers.

Saturday 9th May: Adopt-a-Park-Tree mulching at 2 pm. Met in the area between the tennis courts and the Children’s Garden. The city provided mulch, gloves and equipment. We supplied some of the labour!

Sunday 24th May: Bird Walk with naturalist Miles Hearn. Met at 2 pm at the Heath St West subway entrance to St Clair West subway.

Sunday 7th June: Tree mulching in partnership with Parks, Forestry and Recreation. Met 10 am at south end of dog park.

Sunday 21st June: Nature walk with forester John Routh. Met at 2 pm at the Heath St West subway entrance to St Clair West subway.

Wednesday 1st June: Table at MP Carolyn Bennett’s Canada Day celebration at Wells Hill Park.

Saturday 29th August: Phragmites cutting at Glen Cedar footbridge. Sponsored by Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Natural Environment and Community Programs, who supplied equipment and gloves.

Sunday 20th September: Edible trees, plants, wildflowers of Cedarvale ravine and the lost Castle Frank Brook. Leaders: Helen Mills, Susan Poizner, Michael Wheeler and Susan Aaron. Met at Ben Nobleman orchard, opposite Eglinton West subway just off Eglinton Ave 2 pm. End St Clair West subway, Heath St W.

Sunday 27th September: picnic; “balfolk” music by Cassie Norton and walk led by Janelle Richards of TRCA. Met noon Phil White Arena carpark south end.

Friday 2nd October: Meeting and tour with Vojka Miladinovic of Urban Forestry starting at Heath St W entrance to discuss the Ravine Protection By-law.

Saturday 3rd October: In conjunction with Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Natural Environment and Community Programs: tree and shrub planting 10 am to noon. Met St Clair W subway entrance, Heath St W. City provided trees, equipment and gloves.

Sunday 8th November: Eco-Fair at Wychwood Barns, noon to 4 pm, organized by Green Neighbours 21 and others. Friends of Cedarvale had a table.


In 2014, the following activities took place:

  1. Tree planting and mulching: partnered with Karen Sun and Cheryl Post of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Natural Environment and Community Programs:

15th October: tree planting and mulching with corporate group near Ava Rd.

  1. LEAF Adopt-a-Park-Tree program:

       29th June: Inaugural mulching event.

Continuing activity from June through fall.

  1. Educational Walks:

13th July: tree walk with John Routh, urban forester.

19th August: co-sponsored with Toronto Field Naturalists, nature walk led by Rachel

Gottesman, Steering Committee member.

5th October: nature walk with naturalist Miles Hearn.

  1. Litter cleanups:

       4th May: co-sponsored with Councillor Mihvc, annual Cleanup Day.

       Informal cleanups on regular basis.

  1. Liaison with Parks, Forestry and Recreation:

       4th February: meeting with Diane Tomlin, Park Supervisor, and Rod Francey.

Ongoing liaison with Diane and other park officials (“eyes and ears” in park).

  1. Homeowners around park:

       Compiled list of properties around park.

Drafted letter ready for mail drop.

  1. Communications and outreach:

       9th April: public meeting at Wychwood library

27th April: Table at Wychwood Barns, Environment Day.

23rd November: Table at Green Neighbours 21 Eco Fair at Wychwood Barns.