Adopt-a-Park-Tree is a program where a park friends group becomes a caregiver for young trees planted in the park. It is run by Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests (LEAF) and Park People.

We started our program in 2014. We currently have some 44 trees in the program at five different sites in the park: the 16 Sakura (Japanese cherry) trees between the tennis courts and the Community Garden; 6 trees of different species beside the main path between the dog off-leash area and the tennis courts; 10 trees around the children’s water play area; 5 trees at the top of the steps up from the Phil White Arena; and 7 trees at the west side of the outdoor skating rink. At present we have some 12 volunteers or “adopters”. Ideally, each adopter is responsible for one tree. In our case, some adopters are currently tending several trees each.

During 2015-17, we continued to mulch, water and weed our trees regularly. We will be starting our fifth season in 2018.

Adopters are responsible for:

  • Annual mulching around the tree’s base.
  • Keeping the base free of weeds.
  • Weekly watering, especially when there has been little or no rain.
  • Finding a holiday substitute.

If you are interested in becoming an adopter, please contact us at: