Pollinator garden planting off Arlington

12th June: on Tuesday 6th June, the David Suzuki Foundation organized the planting of a small pollinator garden in the parkette that runs between Arlington Ave and Cedarvale Park north of Leo Baeck School and just south of JR Wilcox school. Students from that school prepared the plot and carried out the planting. Here is the plot, ready for planting:

Cedarvale June 6 2017 020

Here is one of the helpers earlier, defining the edge of the plot with mulch:

Cedarvale June 6 2017 021

These are some of the native perennial plants that went in:

Cedarvale June 6 2017 023

The plants in their pots have been positioned where they are to be planted, while some of the children observe:

Cedarvale June 6 2017 028

Jode Roberts of the Suzuki Foundation demonstrates the planting method as the students look on:

Cedarvale June 6 2017 029

Three classes from JR Wilcox came in succession: the first helped dig the plot, the second got the plot ready for planting and the third did the actual planting (they are the ones in the photos). Here is one plant going in:

Cedarvale June 6 2017 027

While the mulch was there, the volunteers also mulched seven trees in the parkette:

Cedarvale June 6 2017 025

Parks had previously been consulted about the planting and had given its blessing (the parkette is reportedly owned by the province, but is administered by Parks). Input from nearby neighbours had also been sought, and there was a meeting at the site, at which comments and suggestions could be offered. Neighbours will also be involved in tending the planting.

The new planting will add a welcome touch of variety to the small parkette.

John Cummings