New shed near baseball diamond, new growth in ravine

1st June: A new shed has recently appeared between the top of the steps up from the Phil White arena and the baseball diamond. It is to be used for the storage of baseball equipment by the groups that use the diamond:

Cedarvale May 2017 024

Park supervisor, Diane Tomlin, said one of the baseball groups had asked for storage and “it just so happened that within a couple of weeks of their request Parks was given this free shed from Ontario Parks Association”. So here it is! It is better looking than the concrete shed built for the Community Garden. By the way, there is an ongoing project to organize artists to decorate the latter shed.

Cedarvale May 2017 023

The ravine is bursting with life. Many different types of berries and blossoms are in evidence:

Cedarvale May 2017 110

In the cat-tail wetland below the Bathurst St bridge, new green cat-tails are springing up among last year’s old plants:

Cedarvale May 2017 027

As always, we have a plentiful supply of garlic mustard:

Cedarvale May 2017 025

This is an invasive, non-native plant that volunteer stewardship teams in other parks spend many hours trying to eradicate. It is everywhere in Cedarvale. Apparently, the settlers liked it and brought it with them; it has fewer competitors here than in Europe, and displaces native plants. The leaves have a somewhat pungent taste, but I have grown to like it and use it as an ingredient in salads. As far as I know, no one harvests it for sale (but it could be an opportunity for some enterprising entrepreneur).

Our next event is a plant identification walk with the Toronto Bruce Trail Club, led by Marilyn MacKellar and Glynn Richardson, starting at 10 am on Saturday 10th  May, starting from the St Clair W subway exit on Heath St W.

John Cummings