Ugly incident in Cedarvale

22nd May: Last Thursday 16th May an unfortunate incident took place in our park. As described by my correspondent, “…around 5.30 pm my son’s 2 friends (19 years old) were swarmed by 8 teens with knives…in the field by the dog park. The guys swarming stole my son’s friends’ phones and bikes and luckily they were not seriously harmed”.

The police have been informed of the incident. Councillor Joe Mihevc and park supervisor, Diane Tomlin, have also been informed. Councillor Mihevc commented, “This is terrible news. I trust that the police were called in. It would help with surveillance of the Park. We want this to be an isolated incident and not the beginning of any trend”. Diane noted that she had seen mounted police patrolling the park. Maybe there will be more regular patrols.

Beth Gosnell, the Councillor’s Special Assistant, said, “I meet with the [police] Division and we ask about area incidents, they will update us after they have had a chance to investigate in early June”.

I will post more information as I receive it.

John Cummings