Best attended planting ever!

4th May: About 120 people showed up for our planting on Saturday 29th April, our best attendance ever. The weather was overcast and cool, with no rain – very suitable for planting! The site was along the edge of the grassy slope between Strathearn and the dog park. Here it is at the start with the trees and shrubs laid out beforehand by Parks staff ready to be planted:

Cedarvale planting April 2017 20170429_094405[1]

Our leader once again was Cheryl Post from the Natural Environment & Community Programs section of Parks, Forest & Recreation, with 5 additional staff. Here is one of the staff giving a planting demonstration:

Cedarvale planting April 2017 20170429_101145[1]

Soon, everyone was setting out to plant. We put in 250 trees and shrubs. The species included: white pine, red oak, black raspberry, pasture rose and serviceberry.

Cedarvale planting April 2017 20170429_102310[1]

There were groups from Allegis Global Solutions (a recruiting company), Paleo Lifestyle Meetups, Brentwood and Runnymede Public Libraries in Etobicoke, Starbucks (3 downtown locations), the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Annex Residents Association; these groups accounted for about 70 of those present. Most people had found their way to Parks’ web site with its calendar of events. One person said he had simply Googled “tree planting in Toronto”.

Cedarvale planting April 2017 20170429_103058[1]

There were also several families, such as the one below:

Planting 3

After planting them, we mulched the plants, taking two plastic pails of mulch for each plant:

Planting 4

Here I am surveying the busy scene with another of the Parks staff:

Planting 5

This is one of the groups, having successfully completed their mission:

Planting 7

And here is another one, resting at the end.

Planting 9

Some of us were also there: Cait Cuthbert, Ivor Simmons, Susan Aaron and me. Warren Bethune was also there and his wife took some of the photos.

Planting 10

Having started at 10 am, we were virtually finished by 11.20 am! With 250 plants and about 120 people, on average each person had only about 2 plants to do. We provided drinks and cookies afterwards, but most people were glad to be on their way, with a job well done.

The photos were taken by Susan Aaron and Tao Wei.

John Cummings