Sakuras, trout lilies, others flowering. Cleanup Day

25th April: The crowds may be at High Park or behind the Robarts Library, but our sakuras (Japanese cherry trees) are blossoming too. Here is the large one beside the former Children’s, now Community, Garden (which is in full swing):

Cedarvale 24 April 2017 030

And here are two of the 16 smaller ones that stand in a semi-circle between the tennis courts and the garden (newly mulched by our Adopt-a-Park-Tree team). As in the other locations, they were a gift by the Japanese government to Toronto.

Cedarvale 24 April 2017 029

The trout lilies are also out; the flowers truly live up to their “spring ephemeral” title, and only last about two weeks.

Cedarvale 24 April 2017 032

I ran into Bob Kortright and Rachel Gottesman near the trout lilies and we had a mini-nature walk. They pointed out this mayapple (podophyllum peltatum), which will later have a white flower:

Cedarvale 24 April 2017 035

Nearby, they showed me Virginia waterleaf (hydrophyllum virginianum), which will later have a purple flower.

Cedarvale 24 April 2017 036

We also saw violets (likely common blue, viola sororia) in the same area. All three are native plants:

Cedarvale 24 April 2017 031

Sunday 23rd April was Cleanup Day, meeting under the Glen Cedar footbridge. The weather was cool and sunny – perfect conditions. About 20-30 people participated in the cleanup and many more stopped at our refreshment table and foldout display to chat and ask questions. Small expeditionary forces spread out to particularly bad spots such as the Bathurst St bridge.

Our Councillor, Joe Mihevc, was there: here he is in the centre, with Susan Aaron front left, myself back left, Ivor Simmons behind Joe and a family who had just collected several bags of garbage. There were many more like them, who turned out to contribute to the effort.

Cedarvale cleanup 2017 016

Fewer interesting items were found than in some years; but here is the pile at the end of the day, crowned by a toboggan and a wine bottle. The red heart graphiti  make it look quite artistic!

Cedarvale cleanup 2017 018

Next Saturday 29th April there will be a planting 10 am to noon with Parks on the grassy slope down from Strathearn to below the dog park. Meet either there or in the  Phil White arena carpark. Parks supply trees, mulch, tools and gloves. We supply the labour!

John Cummings