Arena washrooms now have a sign! Storm damage in park

14th March: You may wonder why I am showing you a photo of the side door to the Phil White arena:

Cedarvale March 2017 268

It is because of the new sign behind the glass:

Cedarvale March 2017 267

Many park users have asked us whether there are public washrooms in the park. We always had to direct people to the arena and explain that there are washrooms in there, sometime open, but no sign outside.  Some time ago, we asked the park supervisor for notices to be put up. Apparently, one notice was put up, but mysteriously disappeared. A second notice has now been placed on the inside of the door. It is not all that easy to see, but at least it’s there.  Let’s hope this one stays there!

High winds cause damage in park

The recent high winds caused a fair amount of damage in the park. Near the off-leash dog area, a large birch tree was blown over and was blocking the path:

Cedarvale March 2017 270

It has since been removed. One homeowner opposite Leo Baeck school had their fence blown over:

Cedarvale March 2017 269

Now the park is covered in snow once again.

John Cummings