Almost an ice-storm in Cedarvale

15th February: Last Tuesday 7th February I walked through Cedarvale as the freezing rain was falling. I went all the way from Ava Rd to Heath St, seeing only a couple of intrepid dog-owners in the dog park. Luckily, I had remembered to put on my “yak trax” – I certainly needed them. As the rain fell, it was immediately turning to ice, as you can see from the photo below:

Cedarvale mini-ice storm 007.JPG

The most striking evidence of the ice formation was on the recycling containers. Here is the one beside the dog park:


And here is the one halfway between the dog park and the Glen Cedar footbridge. All the containers were frozen shut. You can see the icy surface of the path to the right of the container:


My umbrella had a thin layer of ice covering it. At this point, around midday, it looked like ice-storm conditions. Fortunately, the temperature rose later in the day and into the night, and another disaster was averted. We are certainly seeing some rather strange weather this year.

John Cummings