Lone reminder of some history

27th January 2017: At the park entrance from the intersection of Humewood Drive and Heathdale Rd stands a lone sentinel, reminding us of a piece of Toronto’s history. It is the old wooden park entrance sign, with “City of York” clearly marked on it:


It reminds us of the 1998 amalgamation of the six municipalities that then formed Toronto into the “megacity”. They were: East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York and the City of Toronto. Cedarvale Park was partly in York and partly in Toronto; the dividing line was Bathurst St. (This explains why the lighting extends from Heath St to the  Bathurst St bridge, and there is a dark area on the other side – presumably, Toronto had more money and could afford lighting).

The amalgamation was shoved through by the Mike Harris provincial government, over the opposition of the majority of the population. In a referendum in 1997, in which one third of eligible voters participated, over three quarters voted against it. The former mayor of North York, Mel Lastman, became the first mayor of the amalgamated city.

I rather hope that Parks will keep the old sign, as a historical monument. However, I fear that it will be demolished one day and a new standardized sign like those at the other entrances will replace it.

Our first event this year will be Cleanup Day on Sunday 23rd April. Mark your calendars! I have updated the “Upcoming Events” section of the web site with this event.

John Cummings