New sign at Heath/Tichester entrance

1st December: An official new sign for the park has recently appeared at the Heath St/Tichester Rd entrance beside the St Clair West subway, north entrance. This is it:


We had noticed a year or so ago that this was the only main entrance without a sign and suggested to the park supervisor that a sign be put up. Lo and behold, here it is! This view is looking north into the ravine:


This view is to the apartment building on the west side of the park entrance:


At our tables at the Eco-fair and other places, we are frequently asked “Where is Cedarvale?” This sign will make it easier to find and will also attract attention from casual passers-by.

TTC access point unlocked

Recently, my attention was drawn to the TTC access point that is beside the path between the Glen Cedar and Bathurst St bridges. I noticed that the padlock was missing and the lid could be opened, revealing a metal ladder leading down to the subway:


Having taken this photo, I hastily closed the lid. I mentioned the missing padlock to a passer-by, who called 311 and asked them to report to the TTC. Action was swift: the next day a new padlock was in place!

John Cummings