Ping-pong table has arrived!

23rd November: One of our Adopt-a-Park-Tree people, Gayla Boritz, sent me this shot of the new Ping-pong table, near the baseball diamond. I am not quite sure when it arrived, but I think in time for a few games before the winter weather set in.


She also sent this photo of one of “her” oaks in the foreground and autumnal colours in the background, before the winter dog off-leash area went in.


Finally, here is today’s mystery shot. Send in your guesses as to where in the park this is!


I will publish the answer in a later posting.

A new sign for the ravine has appeared at the Heath St/Tichester subway entrance. This was the only main entrance without a sign, and is probably the one most used. We suggested a sign here to the park supervisor some time ago and it has now come to pass. I will post a photo of it soon.

John Cummings