UofT Forestry students do tree inventory in ravine

14th November: We are working with two students from the University of Toronto’s Forestry Management program, who are going to develop a forest management plan for the park as part of their course work for a graduate degree. One input to this plan will be an inventory of the trees on a property with ravine slopes and the connected part of the park out to the path below. It will be used to help identify what trees exist now and what might be added. Deborah Sheppard, a property owner on Heathdale Rd, graciously allowed the students to conduct the inventory on her property. Here is the view from her house down to the path below:


On Saturday 5th November, the two students, Elpidio Chavez Calderon and Janina Kowalski, with Steering Committee member Susan Aaron in attendance, conducted the inventory (a shortened version of a full inventory) in the back yard of the house. In the photo below, you can see Elpidio standing up against the house:


They identified 33 trees of 11 species, including red oak (predominant), white oak, Norway maple, horse chestnut, beech and mountain ash. They made two measurements of each tree: diameter at breast height (DBH), used to estimate age; and height, using a clinometer. Below you can see Janina doing the DBH measurement:


Susan took the photos and was the contact person with Deborah. We hope to be able to put the forest management plan on the web site, but this will have to be approved by the students’ professor.

We have also recently sent out a survey about the park from the two students to our e-mail list (now 220 after the Eco-Fair) and hope that you will respond with your thoughts.

John Cummings