Big turnout for shrub planting

Saturday 1st October: Despite the intermittent light rain, some 40-50 people came out from 10 am onwards for our second planting of the season. It was at the same site as our first – the slope on both sides of the new steps up from the Phil White Arena carpark. This was an “infill” planting, adding 100 shrubs around the trees planted earlier in the year. Our leaders were the same as before: Cheryl Post and Mike Halferty from Parks, Forestry & Recreation; Natural Environment and Community Programs. You can judge the weather conditions from Cheryl’s clothing, as she demonstrates the correct way of planting:


This is the group watching her demonstration:


A later arriving group is being handed gloves, ready for a second demonstration:


Mike has removed a shrub from its container and is about to plop it in the hole:


There was a large pile of mulch; we were instructed to spread 4 pails of mulch in a “doughnut” formation around each shrub.


Several different groups came out. This man was part of a group from Optimus SBR, a management consulting firm attached to Ernst & Young (I told him that I used to work for a predecessor consulting firm called Woods Gordon, attached to Clarkson Gordon, which later merged with Ernst & Young).


This couple were resting after planting their shrub:


Another group came from St Gabriel’s Passionist Parish, a Catholic church at Sheppard and Bayview. They were led by two officials of the church: a minister on the left had arrived from Kenya about a week ago and said he had done plenty of planting in Kenya, but this was his first time wearing gloves. The woman opposite is the choir director of the church.


This couple said they normally planted with groups from TD Bank, but today were here on their own. There were several smaller groups and singles. Most people had heard of the planting from the city’s web site; some were from the Friends of Cedarvale e-mail list, or had seen our posters.


This group, led by their teacher on the left, came from Vaughan Rd Collegiate. We had a discussion about the future of the school. Another school group came from a school on Weston Rd.


The shrubs planted included: black raspberry, grey dogwood, New Jersey tea, pasture rose, serviceberry and white cedar. Cheryl explained that shrubs were chosen to build up the mid-storey between the previously planted trees. With so many volunteers, the shrubs were quickly planted. There was mulch left over, so we used it to re-mulch the previous planting. All was complete by noon and the volunteers dispersed. Thanks to Cheryl and Mike for organizing another successful event!

This was our last outdoor event of the season. We will have a table at the Eco-Fair at Wychwood Barns on the afternoon of Sunday 6th November. You can come and talk to us there.

John Cummings