Small but keen group learns how to identify plants

On Saturday 17th September, a small but intrepid group braved the rain to learn about plant identification in the ravine. They were led by Marilyn MacKellar and Glynn Richardson of the Toronto Bruce Trail Club. Here is the group, including Steering Committee member Susan Aaron on right with bicycle:


They started at the Heath St entrance with an introductory exercise to identify two similar goldenrods growing side by side. There was no consensus on these, but it was a good introduction to the difficulties in identifying goldenrods. Here is one type, still unidentified:


And here is the grass-leaved goldenrod:


Asters are not much easier. Some of them are only now beginning to bloom. Here is a New England aster:


The group identified many plants, including two types of goldenrod and two asters. The weather cooperated until the Bathurst St bridge, when the rain began and ponchos and umbrellas came out. The group continued some distance beyond the Glen Cedar footbridge and then turned back. It was a small group, but interested and lively. Marilyn is already planning a similar spring hike.

Marilyn supplied most of the above text. I should point out that she also compiled (and recently revised) the list of trees and plants in the Flora section of the web site called Flora and Fauna, under the general heading Cedarvale Park.

John Cummings