Cedarvale gains 75 trees

16th September: This week 75 new trees were planted in the park. Arthur Ameis alerted me with this photo of the work in progress on Monday:


On Tuesday the majority of the trees had been planted. There are several lining both sides of the path between the dog park and the tennis courts:


Others are along the path behind the tennis courts and over to the baseball diamond.


I talked to the guys from the contractor, Salivan Landscape Ltd. They said that the trees are around 7 years old. Some 22 of them are red oaks, 9 silver maples, 6 Valley Forge elms, 4 tulip trees and 4 Ohio buckeyes; the others species are black and sugar maple, horsechestnut, yellow buckeye, white birch, catalpa, hackberry, gingko, sweet gum, Dawn redwood, white spruce, white pine, London plane, swamp white oak, bur oak, and litteleaf linden: 21 species in all.

You can see it was a hot day by the semi-naked runner!


There are a few trees up towards the Ava Rd end of the park. This one was about to go in:


Also several trees on both sides and inside the dog park:


Here is one of the oaks between the path and the dog park:


There are several trees beside the path down from Humewood and at both ends of the “bowl”:


Most of the trees have green water bags around their boles. These are apparently covered under a watering schedule, with a truck that comes at intervals to put water in the bags. We hope these will ensure the trees’ survival over the first 2-3 years after planting.

The new trees are a welcome addition to the park’s canopy. Further plantings are planned in the ravine section of the park from the Glen Cedar footbridge south.

Don’t forget Councillor Joe Mihevc’s free corn roast from 4.30-6.30 pm this Sunday beside the baseball diamond.

John Cummings