Big turnout for tree planting

Saturday 30th April was the day chosen for our first planting of the year, on the slope facing the Phil White Arena. About 50 volunteers showed up, the largest turnout we have ever had. The weather was perfect – and it rained the next day to water the newly planted trees and bushes. Here are our leaders from Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR): from left to right, Jessica Iraci, Mike Halferty and Cheryl Post. Cheryl is giving the introductory talk.

Cedarvale Tree planting May 2016 004

Since there were so many of us, we were divided into three groups for the planting demonstration. Here is Mike showing how NOT to hold a spade:

Cedarvale Tree planting May 2016 005

And here is Jessica addressing her group:

Cedarvale Tree planting May 2016 006

Back to Mike, showing  how to mulch properly (doughnut rather than volcano):

Cedarvale Tree planting May 2016 009

Various groups were present, including Ernst & Young, North Face, the Girl Guides and Friends of Cedarvale. Another group, shown below, was Newcomer Youth Leader Development:

Cedarvale Tree planting May 2016 010

We planted 200 trees and shrubs of the following 8 species: dogwood, red osier and grey; New Jersey tea plant; pasture rose; raspberry; serviceberry; red oak and white pine. With around 50 volunteers, that worked out to about 4 each. We started around 10.15 am and were all finished by 11.30 am. Many hands make light work! Each plant got 4 pails of mulch, using up 2 large piles of mulch. Here is Ivor lugging 2 pails up the steps:

Cedarvale Tree planting May 2016 013

There were more than enough spades to go round:

Cedarvale Tree planting May 2016 014

This is one of the A&Y guys bringing empty pails back to the mulch pile:

Cedarvale Tree planting May 2016 015

Here is part of the group at the end:

Cedarvale Tree planting May 2016 020

We left a tidy site and were gone by noon. I think everyone felt a sense of satisfaction at helping put in this improvement to the park; and our PFR mentors felt the job had been done to their satisfaction.

There will likely be another planting sometime in the fall. I will put the details on the web site as soon as we know them.

John Cummings