Spring comes early to Cedarvale

21st March: The pale yellow tint showing on some of the trees in Cedarvale signals an early start to the spring:

Cedarvale early spring 2016 002

A red tint is added to the palette by the red osier dogwood:

Cedarvale early spring 2016 001

You could almost imagine yourself on a back-country road! The old cat-tails from last year add fluffy white tufts against the yellow backdrop of the willows:

Cedarvale early spring 2016 003

So far this year I have seen and/or heard cardinals, robins, red-winged blackbirds and woodpeckers, together with other birds I did not recognize. One day I counted 30 robins on the playing field closest to Ava Rd. I noted a red-winged blackbird on 10th March. Looking back over the blog, I see that I first heard the characteristic “Konkaree” of this bird on 5th April in 2013 and 1st April in 2014; so this sighting is almost a month earlier!

Recently, a young raccoon crossed the path right in front of me and then escaped up a nearby tree. I caught him (or her) peering down at me:

Cedarvale raccoon 304

You can see how his colouring perfectly camouflages him. Now he has climbed further up the tree:

Cedarvale raccoon 305

I look forward to our nature walk with Miles Hearn on Wednesday 30th March at 10 am, starting from the Heath St W subway entrance.

John Cummings