Finally – winter scenes!

22nd February: Some two weeks ago, for the first time in this unusual winter, Cedarvale was finally well carpeted in snow. Here is the cat-tail wetland below the Bathurst St bridge:

Cedarvale Feb 2016 052

A heavily laden tree beside the path north from Markdale School parallel with Strathearn:

Cedarvale Feb 2016 049

The same area, from further back:

Cedarvale Feb 2016 050

Red osier dogwood in the foreground:

Cedarvale Feb 2016 047

Note the drey (squirrel nest) at top right. I wrote a posting about dreys some time ago.

Cedarvale Feb 2016 048

Changing the subject, this was the new site for the light at the south end of the dog park. The shadow is me taking the photo:

Cedarvale Feb 2016 008

Here is the light in place. We were instrumental in causing the site to be moved down the slope closer to the barrier at the bottom. This move reduced the damage to the planting in this area, and also reduced light spill to the houses on Strathearn.

Cedarvale Feb 2016 009

Finally, this is the last light going south; it is just beyond the dog park. There is a gap in the lighting between here and Bathurst St, allowing a darker area at night.

Cedarvale Feb 2016 051

The gap was somewhat controversial. Originally, lighting had been planned to extend right through to Bathurst (where it would have connected to existing lighting on the south side of the bridge). Evidently, Councillor Mihevc received enough protest from vocal constituents (some of them on our e-mail list) that he overruled this plan; the fact that the money for the lighting was coming out of his budget was a strong argument on his side.

Cedarvale Feb 2016 013

A hairy woodpecker watches all these human machinations with disdain and carries on with its drumming!

John Cummings