“Lake Cedarvale”, birds, granddaughter, trees

11th February 2016: “Miscellany” might be the best title for this posting, as it has 4 quite disparate items. First, after our “rainy season” before Christmas, a frozen lake appeared in the playing field across from the arena:

Cedarvale Lexi skating 008

Below is another view of “Lake Cedarvale”, with the houses on Windley Ave as background:

Cedarvale Lexi skating 009

One of the noises you often hear in the ravine in the winter is the characteristic sound of woodpeckers. Here is a hairy woodpecker upside down pecking away at a dead branch:

Cedarvale Lexi skating 017

And here is a male cardinal, on a dull day, just minding his own business:

Cedarvale Lexi skating 010

My 5 year old granddaughter had a great time “skating” on the ice during a recent hike in the ravine:

Cedarvale Lexi skating 011

Finally, one of the 6 trees at the back of the arena was threatened with being pushed over by snow piles after one of our rare snowfalls. These are “my” Adopt-a-Park-Tree trees. I was concerned, having seen a line of trees at the west end of the arena car-park destroyed by huge snow piles being pushed over them.

Cedarvale lock 002

I e-mailed my contact in the arena and he got in touch with the snow plowing contractor. Of course, since then there has been little snow, so the danger has receded. However, if more snow arrives, I am hopeful that the contractor will be more careful.

Cedarvale lock 003

That’s all for now! The fencing remains up on the Glen Cedar footbridge, with no word when it will come down. This Saturday 13th February, Councillor Joe Mihevc is hosting his skating and free hot chocolate event from 1.30 – 3.30 pm at the outdoor skating rink and change room inside the arena.

Today Thursday 11th February, I saw the fox cross the path right in front of me at the Bathurst St bridge!

John Cummings