The Friends and Parks staff prove cooperation works!

Tuesday 12th January, 2016: What is the significance of the photo below?

Cedarvale lock 008

Some of you may be wondering! Has the blogger finally gone crazy? Why is he photographing padlocks? Well, the answer is that the barrier is OPEN! The chains and padlocks have been removed so that the barrier can be moved aside.

To understand the significance of this, we need to go back to the previous post. You may recall that one of the new lights is to be installed at the south end of the dog park. Unfortunately, that involves getting equipment through “our” planting at the site.  So we contacted the park supervisor. She contacted the parks person in charge of the project and the contractor. Sometimes, liaison with parks staff works! Staff were sent to unlock the padlocks, so that the contractor can now move equipment up the access path, rather than through the planting, when the time comes to install the light. Also, the park supervisor made a site visit with the contractor and decided that the light should be installed further down the slope than its current siting; with luck, this will also involve less damage to the planting.

Cedarvale lock 007

The installation of the lights is moving steadily south through the park. Above, you can see two of them beside the path up from the arena carpark to the dog park.

Cedarvale lock 006

Above is a closeup of the new light at the corner opposite the dog park: the south slope of the dog park is at the far right of the photo.

Cedarvale lock 005

Above are some of the new posts stacked beside the arena carpark.

We will continue to report on the progress of the installation of the lights.

John Cummings