Let there be light!

Tuesday 29th December: New lights are currently being installed in Cedarvale, starting at the Ava Rd entrance. Apparently, there are to be 50 lights, stretching as far south as just beyond the dog park, and also on the crossing path from Markdale School to Leo Baeck School. I first noticed the bobbins with the different coloured wires:

Cedarvale lights 004

Then I saw the wires being installed in plastic tubes, only surfacing where the lights were to be:

Cedarvale lights 002

At Ava Rd, I observed the light standards waiting to be installed:

Cedarvale lights 012

On a later day, a cheery contractor was busy installing the wires into the base of one of the lamp standards already erected:

Cedarvale lights 014

An “atmospheric” view of one of the newly installed lights:

Cedarvale lights 015

Unfortunately, the site of one of the lights is at the south end of the dog park, right in the middle of one of “our” plantings:

Cedarvale poles 030

Just getting equipment in to install the wires has already caused some damage to the lower planting:

Cedarvale poles 029

Getting the pole itself installed will likely cause much more damage. One plant has already been completely uprooted:

Cedarvale poles 028


We have suggested to the park supervisor that, if the temporary metal fence at the bottom (installed to prevent tobogganing) could be moved aside while the light is being installed, that would allow the equipment to go up the proper path, instead of right through the planting. It would also help if some of the plants at the pole site could be temporarily moved out and replaced when the pole is in place. The whole site is now blanketed in wet snow however. We await developments!

John Cummings