Glen Cedar bridge sides fenced off

Several of you have asked why the sides of the Glen Cedar footbridge have been fenced off with a high chain link fence:

Cedarvale fence 013

The city says that “possible structural concerns on the sides of the bridge” are the cause. Engineers will be surveying the bridge, possibly for the next two months.

Cedarvale fence 011

While this is happening, the city took the precaution of closing off the edges of the bridge. It is not known if the concern is with the wooden sidewalk, the metal railing, the bridge structure itself, or combinations of these.

Cedarvale fence 010

Nor do we know what will happen if the structural concerns are found to be justified. In the meantime we will have to live with the rather obstructed view from the bridge.

Cedarvale fence 012

At least it will limit the amount of stuff people throw off the bridge!

Work is proceeding on the water main cleaning at the Bathurst St bridge, now properly signposted. New trees will be planted to replace those removed. A fresh layer of gravel is also being laid on the path from the dog park to the Bathurst St bridge. Finally, work has begun on the installation of 50 new lights along the paths. With three projects on the go, all requiring heavy equipment complete with “bleeper” noise when they back up, the park is not exactly a peaceful retreat these days.

John Cummings