Update on “Tree Protection Zone”

It appears that the contractor put the wrong signs up. The signs should have announced that the contractor had a permit to cut down the trees, to make way for the cleaning of a water main that runs underground just here, on behalf of Toronto Water. The contractor, Ferpac Paving,  is also establishing where a Bell communications line runs, as it is close to the water main. New trees will later be planted by contractors on behalf of Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

I found this out from Beth Gosnell, Joe Mihevc’s special assistant; and also by talking to contractor staff on site today, 23rd November. Work on the water main begins tomorrow 24th November. Heavy equipment is accessing the site from Glen Ayr; a protective heavy metal cover has been placed over the small wooden bridge just south of the Bathurst St bridge and gravel will be placed on both sides of it to prevent people from tripping over the edge. It will be rather muddy!

John Cummings