Tree Protection Zone?

In the shadow of the Bathurst Street bridge, a curious activity recently took place. It was announced by the sign below:

Stepping back a little, we can see the location of the sign.

Cedarvale tree protection 751

Stepping back further, we now see the devastation wrought within the “protective” fence: every single tree has been systematically removed. I was there the day the contractor was cutting the trees and asked a worker why they had done it. He did not know.

Cedarvale tree protection 752

The entire area marked by the TPZ sign has been razed!

Cedarvale tree protection 753

Is this some kind of weird Parks, Recreation and Forestry joke, I wondered? Perhaps their idea of “Tree Protection Zone” is different from that of the ordinary mortal observing this massacre. Or is there perhaps a correct sign they should have posted saying “Tree Destruction Zone”? I will have to find out. Meanwhile, I await developments in the TPZ with interest.

John Cummings