Autumn leaves; new steps

Fall is my favourite time of year. I love to watch the constantly changing colours, as the trees prepare themselves for winter. I was recently in Crothers Woods, claimed by some to have the best fall colours in the city. I think Cedarvale’s autumn leaves are almost as good. We’ll begin a brief leaf tour near the “Crossroads” (currently fenced off and torn up for new path construction):

Cedarvale leaves 2015 005

Now we move over to near the Markdale School entrance:

Cedarvale leaves 2015 004

Against a blue sky background, red blends into orange and then into green:

Cedarvale leaves 2015 006

This tree got a head start on the others. It is in the garden of the large house on the northwest corner of the Glen Cedar footbridge:

Cedarvale leaves 2015 020

I call this shot “white pine, with apples and red leaves”:

Cedarvale leaves 2015 018

Here is a close-up:

Cedarvale leaves 2015 017

Changing topics, the park recently acquired a new set of steps from the car-park next to the Phil White Arena up to the top of the slope behind the baseball diamond. Here we are looking up:

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 019

The ugly black plastic sheeting has since been removed. This is the view from the top:

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 021

I was pleased to note that we also acquired about 20 new trees around the steps: here are a few of them:

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 020

I hope they get properly looked after!

See you at our table at the Eco-Fair at the Wychwood Barns on Sunday 8th noon to 4 pm!

John Cummings