Heath St entrance beautified with native shrubs

A hard two hours of work saw 100 native shrubs planted at the Heath St entrance to Cedarvale on Saturday 3rd October. In cool, grey conditions, about 20 of us gathered under the direction of Mike Halferty and Cheryl Post of Parks, Forestry and Recreation: Natural Environment and Community Programs. About 5 of the group were from the Royal York Hotel; the majority had seen the Green Toronto notice; and the rest of us were from Friends of Cedarvale. Below you can see Mike giving a demonstration of how to plant a shrub:

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 009

First you remove the sod and dig a hole; then you put the plant in its pot into the hole to measure the depth:

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 008

Mike explained that the top of the container should be level with the top of the hole. Then you remove the plant from the container, put it in the hole and fill the earth back. Lastly, we put 4 buckets of mulch around each plant (there was a large mulch pile, so we used more than usual per plant).

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 010

Some of the shrubs planted were: Allegheny serviceberry, common chokecherry, grey dogwood, pagoda dogwood and flowering raspberry. Here is Cheryl hard at work:

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 014

Our local MP, Carolyn Bennett, showed up to help out with the planting (she was subsequently re-elected on 19th October as part of the new Liberal government).

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 013

We put about 80 of the plants up at the top and about 20 of them part-way down the path on both sides. These are two of the volunteers with some of the plants on the east side of the path:

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 017

Having started at 10 am, we were finished by 11.45 am. Everyone could feel well satisfied with a nice addition to the park’s shrubbery. This is the third planting we have done in Cedarvale over the 3 years we have been going.

Our next event will be a table at the Green Neighbours Eco-Fair at Wychwood Barns on Sunday 8th November.

John Cummings