Meeting with Vojka Miladinovic

On Friday 2nd October, three members of our Steering Committee met with Vojka Miladinovic of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Urban Forestry, at the Heath St W entrance. The purpose was to become better informed about the Ravine Protection By-law, as if affects the properties of homeowners who have land that runs down into the ravine. Below you can see (from left to right) Ivor Simmons, Susan Aaron, Rachel Gottesman and Vojka, as she talks to us on the topic.

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 002

Just as we were about to set off down into the ravine, we were joined by another member of the Steering Committee: Michael Wheeler (at right hand end below). He was out electioneering with our local Liberal MP, Carolyn Bennett (between Vojka and me in photo); we seized the moment for a photo opp! We had all the committee there except Arthur Ameis.

Cedarvale planting Oct. 2015 004

Vojka then led our smaller group on a brief inspection tour, looking up at the ravine slopes from the path. We gleaned several pointers about what homeowners can and cannot do on their properties. We intend to use this information in an approach to the homeowners, to see if there are ways we might be able to lead them to useful information about caring for their ravine slopes. Vojka made the comment that in general the slopes appeared to her to be in pretty good shape.

John Cummings