Picnic in the Park

Sunday 27th September was the day of our picnic in the bowl. The weather was cool, sunny and breezy. Susan, Ivor and I assembled our foldout display and handout materials at a picnic table near the carpark:

Cedarvale picnic 004

Janelle Richards of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority was also there. Unfortunately, few people showed up. Various passers-by stopped to talk to us. And we were visited by 4 police officers on bicycles. At about 1 pm our musicians arrived: Cassie Norton on violin and Matt on guitar:

Cedarvale picnic 006

They played “Balfolk” music while we ate our lunch. This is a mix of mainly Western European folk tunes for dancing, always played live. They told us that there is an active Toronto community of balfolk performers, who meet weekly to practise (see http://www.balfolktoronto.com).

Cedarvale picnic 009

After the picnic, Janelle led a small group of us on a nature hike. She was very knowledgeable and pointed out many interesting features. Here are a couple of snails we found:

Cedarvale picnic 015

We should have been able to identify these bright red berries, but could not. Any ideas anyone?

Cedarvale picnic 016

We could identify this hairy woodpecker, vigorously pecking away!

Cedarvale picnic 017

We also observed an intrepid mushroom picker climbing a willow tree to pick oyster mushrooms. What a weird mixture: balfolk music, snails, berries, birds and mushrooms! Just a typical day in Cedarvale!

John Cummings

John Cummings