Two new benches in Cedarvale

Recently, parks staff have installed two new benches in Cedarvale. One is on the rise above the path from the dog park to the tennis courts, close to some of our adopted trees:

Cedarvale benches, tree 006

This is a dedicated bench, as you can see below:

Cedarvale benches, tree 007

It is dedicated to Bella, who must have been a rescued “westie” or West Highland white terrier. I got a good photo of a man fast asleep on this bench, but decided in the interests of propriety not to publish it. He might have been supposed to be working somewhere!

The other bench is at the Heath St entrance to the park, in amongst all the new exercise equipment and new trees, one of which you can see behind it:

Cedarvale benches, tree 008

When the excavation for this bench was just a hole in the ground, there was some thought that more equipment was coming; but no, it turned out to be another bench. These new benches are of sturdy design, necessary to withstand the constant threat of vandalism.

I will write a posting about the saga of the exercise equipment and the new trees at some later point.

John Cummings