Here we go a’mulching

On Sunday 7th June at 10 am, a smallish group of volunteers turned out to re-mulch trees and bushes that were planted two years ago at the south end of the dog park. This was a joint effort between Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Natural Environment and Community Programs; and Friends of Cedarvale.

Cedarvale Bird walk and mulching 034

Our leader was Jessica Beare from NECP, seen on the left below:

Cedarvale Bird walk and mulching 036

Below you can see one of our Adopt-a-Park-Tree volunteers, Tim Watson, who was missing his church choir performance in order to be here (as was I).

Cedarvale Bird walk and mulching 037

Here is part of the group with the mulch pile, which we completely used up. We also moved several wheelbarrow loads of mulch from the remaining pile from our AAPT mulching at the “crossroads”.

Cedarvale Bird walk and mulching 039

Our newest recruits were Iris and Saul:

Cedarvale Bird walk and mulching 041

During the 2 hours we mulched about two thirds of the trees and bushes at the site. Friends of Cedarvale provided drinks and cookies. For comparison purposes, below is a shot from the original planting two years ago.

Cedarvale Choir retreat and tree planting 053

As you can see, there were a lot more people on that occasion.

We hope to persuade PFR to deliver more mulch to the site so that we can finish the job.

John Cummings