Adopt-a-Park-Tree Mulching Day

Saturday 9th May was the day we picked for our AAPT mulching day. It did not start well, as Susan, Ivor and I were the only people there at 2 pm, the start time. Gradually, more volunteers trickled in. We started by mulching the 16 Japanese Sakora cherry trees between the children’s garden and the tennis courts. Then we moved on to the trees up the slope from the path between the dog park and the tennis courts. The first new volunteer to arrive was Warren Bethune, seen below loading mulch from the pile into the pails:

cedarvale cleanup day 039

Soon three more volunteers joined the group (below): on the right is Barb Cohen, one of the existing “adopters”; beside her are Gabriela Leon Soria and Miguel Perez Tapia, friends of mine, who decided to join us and also became adopters. Susan gave a mulching demonstration for the new adopters.

cedarvale cleanup day 041

Below you can see Susan and Gabriela loading up more pails from the mulch pile.

cedarvale cleanup day 042

After mulching all 8 trees in this location, we moved on to some newly adopted trees between the tennis courts and the children’s splash pad. These trees were adopted by Warren, Gabriela and Miguel.

cedarvale cleanup day 043

Our fourth site, with 7 newly adopted trees, lies at the west edge of the outdoor skating rink. I have adopted these trees. There was another mulch pile here and we had to move the wheelbarrows, pails and equipment down there. Above you can see Warren and another adopter, Gayla Boritz, moving the two wheelbarrows to the new site. We were finished before 4 pm. After the slow start, the work proceeded quite efficiently. Now we just have to keep the trees weeded and watered over the summer.

John Cummings