Cherry blossoms, trout lilies and a nature walk

Cedarvale does not boast the cherry blossom display seen in High Park, but we do have one resplendent tree next to the children’s garden. Here it is, at the beginning of May:

cedarvale cleanup day 023

We also have more trout lilies than I had realized. Here they are beside the path north from Markdale School parallel to Strathearn.

cedarvale cleanup day 027

These photos were taken on 3rd May. The flowers were already past their prime and had almost completely disappeared a week later. These plants certainly live up to their characterization as “spring ephemerals”.

cedarvale cleanup day 026

However, on a plant walk on 8th May, a friend and I noticed that the trout lilies extend all the way along the edge of the gully that runs between the playing field and the back of Strathearn path.

cedarvale cleanup day 024

I have also discovered another patch of them in a different location. So they are more widespread than I had realized. Once the flowers are gone, the plants do not stand out at all.

cedarvale cleanup day 032

On 6th May, Rachel Gottesman led a private nature walk for members of the Steering Committee of Green Neighbours 21. This was a silent auction item won by Judy Vellend of GN21 (at left)  at the Eco-Fair last fall. Here is Rachel (centre) with Paul Antze, chair of GN21 (at right) at the intersection of the Forest Hill path with the main path.

cedarvale cleanup day 037

We may have a joint event with GN21 later in the year.

Next up will be a posting about our Adopt-a-Park-Tree mulching day on 9th May. Spring is a busy time in the ravine!

John Cummings