Planning for mulching in Cedarvale

On Tuesday 31st March, three of our Steering Committee conducted a “site visit” with Karen Sun of Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR), in order to plan for the season ahead. Here is Karen on the right, with Susan Aaron and Ivor Simmons: they are inspecting the site of our first planting in 2013 on the slope at the south end of the dog park.

Cedarvale 31 Mar. 2015 199

Here they are again, standing behind a tree that needs its support posts and wire attachments removed. There are a number of such trees along the top of the slope above the car park.

Cedarvale 31 Mar. 2015 200

Karen told us that this nasty black thing below is called black knot fungus, and that it has a particular affinity for trees such as our Japanese cherry trees. Steps may have to be taken to prevent it from spreading.

Cedarvale 31 Mar. 2015 207

One of the worst invasive species is phragmites, shown in the photo below below the Glencedar footbridge.

Cedarvale 31 Mar. 2015 208

Phragmites are very difficult to eradicate. We also have some much smaller ones below the Bathurst St bridge. Susan and Karen are discussing possible approaches we could take to combat this nasty invader. You will be hearing more on this topic!

Cedarvale 31 Mar. 2015 209

We decided that we will re-mulch our existing Adopt-a-Park_Tree trees on Saturday 9th May and will also re-mulch some new AAPT trees between the tennis courts and the children’s splash pad, and between the outdoor skating rink and the edge of the park. Also, we will re-mulch some of our previously planted trees at a public event in partnership with PFR on Sunday 7th June. More details of these events will be sent out later.

John Cummings