Icy conditions in the ravine

The late February/early March weather has produced some striking effects in the ravine this winter. Recently, fresh snow was followed by a slight thaw and then by another freeze, producing a sheen of ice on the surface of the snow:

Cedarvale March 2015 206

This is the area just next to the dog park:

Cedarvale March 2015 208

Here is the toboggan run from the end of Humewood:

Cedarvale March 2015 209

South of the Bathurst St bridge, a brave cross-country skier, with dog on leash leading the way, crosses a patch of ice.

Cedarvale March 2015 210

The small wooden bridge between Bathurst and Glenayr is invisible below a thick layer of ice.

Cedarvale March 2015 211

With the current thaw, slush is the prevailing condition.

John Cummings