The reluctant basset hound

This basset hound just did NOT want to continue the walk! It dug in its paws and absolutely refused to budge.

Cedarvale Feb 2015 030

Eventually, the dog walker gave in, turned around and headed back to her vehicle. Victory: basset hound.

Cedarvale Feb 2015 031

Apparently, basset hounds “will not respond to punishment-based training, and have therefore been described as “stubborn” (Wikipedia). The breed originated in France and the name is derived from “bas” meaning low, modified by the suffix “et” to mean rather low. They are scent hounds, which were bred to hunt rabbits and hare; their sense of smell is second only to that of the bloodhound. The ears of both bloodhounds and basset hounds are the longest of any breed. They have short legs and a long body.