Cedarvale blanketed in first heavy snowfall

Cedarvale got its first thick coating of snow of the 2014-15 winter on Thursday 11th December. (I know because that is the day I put my back out shovelling it.)

Above is the rail of the wetland across from the tennis courts. Below is a closeup, with some remaining oak leaves in the foreground and conifers behind:

Up beside the path parallel to Strathearn, some trees were heavily laden:

Down in the gully between the winter dog off-leash area and Strathearn, the snow lay particularly thickly on fallen trees:

Between the Glencedar and Bathurst St bridges, the snow was not as thick, but still offered a wintry panorama.

As usual, this season’s crop of cat-tails stood out against the forested slope behind.

My hands were quite frozen after taking these shots, and I hastened into Loblaws to warm them around a welcome cup of coffee.

Soon after these photos were taken, warm weather caused most of this snow to disappear.

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John Cummings