Friends of Cedarvale at Wychwood Barns Eco-Fair

On Sunday 23rd November, we again put up our table at the Green Neighbours 21 Eco-Fair at the Wychwood Barns. Here you can see Ivor Simmons and me staffing the table. The aerial photo of the park to my left always attracts a lot of curiosity, with people trying to see where they live in relation to the park, asking which street is Bathurst St etc. We had lists of our activities in 2014 and planned for 2015, and photos of some of them. We also had plenty of literature to hand out.

Here you can see me with Roberta Benson on the other side of the table. We were next to Solar Share. If you want to see a list of exhibitors, go to:

We signed up 15 new people for our e-mail list, three of whom were adopters for our Adopt-a-Park-Tree program. The organizers were happy with the event as attendee numbers were up 9% from 760 to 830.

If you want to contact us, go to:

John Cummings