Early snowfall in Cedarvale

The snowstorm that paralysed Buffalo on Wednesday 19th November had a much milder effect on Cedarvale. The photos below were taken on  Friday 21st November, a beautiful sunny day. This is looking up towards the slope that comes down from the Humewood Ave entrance

The black speck is a lone tobogganer.

The city was quick to position the straw bales wrapped in plastic around the metal pole to cushion the impact of a collision. (I came back another day and two of them had already been pulled half way up the slope).

Beside the pathway between the Glencedar and Bathurst St bridges, the snow coated a fallen tree:

A few remaining red crab-apples stood out against the blue sky:

It was a good day to be in the ravine.

The next post will be about the Eco-Fair at the Wychwood Barns on Sunday 23rd November.

John Cummings