New plantings beside dog park

Some trees and shrubs were left over from the planting on 15th October (see post below). In late October, Parks, Forestry and Recreation used these plants to extend the planting at the south end of the dog off-leash area, which went in last year. You can see the newly planted areas in the photo below:

The plantings have narrowed the path up the slope and made it more winding.

At the bottom, two metal barriers have been positioned, offset so that there is a narrow entry between them:

Here is the view of the barriers and plantings from the bottom of the slope:

The intent seems to be to discourage tobogganing down the slope. However, the new arrangement may present itself as a “slalom” challenge to snowboarders and skiers! We will watch the result with interest during the winter tobogganing season.

John Cummings