Canadian Health Food Association helps tree planting

On Wednesday 15th October, a group from the Canadian Health Food Association joined other volunteers to plant trees near the Ava Rd entrance to the park. This planting had been postponed from Sunday 21st September, when a thunderstorm caused the cancellation of the event. Here is the group:

The group was led by Cheryl Post and Jessica Iraci from Natural Environment and Community Programs (part of Parks, Forestry and Recreation).  Here is another view of some of them:

Over 100 trees were planted. Some people from our e-mail list also took part and some from the city’s list. Here are two of these volunteers. Albert Fong was one of the leaders of the stewardship group at Milne Hollow.

Below is a distant view of the site, with fall colours indicating the time of year. Thanks to Susan Aaron for taking the photos.

John Cummings