Dead ash trees cut down

On the very day the Star came to take our photo for the article about the Adopt-a-Park-Tree program (30th September), Davey started cutting the dead ash trees between the dog park and the tennis courts. You can see their truck in this photo:

The trees left standing here are a mixture of commemorative trees, looked after by the city, and 8 of the trees in our AAPT program. Below is another shot, with the truck gone and the new notice board visible at “The Crossroads”.

A park friend, viewing the fallen trunks, asked me why they had been cut, when the wood of the trunks does not appear at all rotten. I explained that the emerald ash borer likes the thin layer between the bark and the wood, killing the tree, but leaving the wood intact. We have subsequently put up posters in the two notice boards explaining that the emerald ash borer is the reason for the ash tree removal.

The Davey man said that they were cutting 40 trees in all throughout the park. Below is a lone remaining dead tree beside the footpath exit to Forest Hill behind the subway entrance. It was not clear to me why the 3 or so trees here have been left.

Other trees next to the subway entrance were cut down (see below):

On our walk with Miles Hearn last Sunday, we noticed several ash trees in the ravine section that had (so far) survived the emerald ash borer. We expect the city has plans to replace at least some of the removed ash trees with other species.

John Cummings