Late summer sights in Cedarvale

September, 2014: It’s that time of year again. Despite the beautiful weather, the days are shortening and the leaves are beginning to turn. The sumac is always one of the first to start showing its fall colours:

The apple crop was much less this year than last. Only a few trees bore fruit on the slope to the west of the path beside the playing field.

In the lower ravine, there were a few smaller apples:

Opposite the triangle of land where the two paths from Forest Hill join the main path, there was a magnificent efflorescence of sunflowers:

Some of them stand over 2 metres tall, waving over my head.

Bob Kortright informs me that this is one of the many varieties of sunflower, no doubt a garden escapee.

The ravine rewards you with many sights like this, if you keep your eyes out of your texting device and on the scenery.

John Cummings