Visit to Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley

When on a visit to my home town of Edmonton, I regularly check in on river valley/forest events.

One project in particular is of interest to the Friends of Cedarvale – a native fruit forest planted on the side of a ravine, called a “public food forest”. The implication is that the forest will provide food for the general community. The project was done as a collaboration between a community member of the city’s food council and the city’s community greening coordinator:

The photographs below show the still impressive North Saskatchewan River, its recreational and transit use, and the slope covered with varieties of native fruit shrubs and trees:

Just below the fruit forest slope, bikers and walkers stop above the river.

The photo above shows the parallel rows of trees.

Irrigation ditches were dug along each row in lieu of mulching the trees (see above). The tree varieties include Saskatoon berries and nut trees.

The photo below shows another view of the winding river and the urban forest maintained along its banks and slopes.

Susan Aaron