LEAF and Friends of Cedarvale start Adopt-a-Park-Tree program

On Sunday 29th June, LEAF and Friends of Cedarvale inaugurated an Adopt-Park-Tree program in Cedarvale. The program allows individuals and families to “adopt” a tree or trees. This involves visiting the tree weekly, mulching it once a year, and weeding and watering it as necessary. The day began with a demonstration of mulching by Janet McKay, Executive Director of LEAF (see below). The organizer of the day was Erin MacDonald of LEAF. Susan Aaron, John Cummings, Rachel Gottesman and Ivor Simmons of the Friends were also involved.

We selected the circle of Japanese cherry trees donated by the Japanese government, which are between the tennis courts and the children’s garden; also some of the trees beside the path between the dog park and the tennis courts. After the demonstration, we got down to mulching the trees. The couple below are about to remove the weeds around the base of the tree and incorporate them in the mulch.

Max and Ivor got busy filling pails with mulch from the pile, kindly supplied by the city, along with shovels and a wheelbarrow.

Below you can see mulchers at work on the trees along the path:

A family showed up to help mulch; Rachel is helping them with a tree on the path between the dog park and the tennis courts.

Max, Susan and a third helper work on a tree to the east of the path.

After the mulching, Michelle from Friends of Trinity Bellwoods talked to us about their very successful program. We hope we can emulate it.

This is the group listening to Michelle.

Janet then conducted us on a “tree tour”, looking at various aspects of tree care. In the final photo below, she is showing us a method of staking, using two metal posts, with wires and grips from them to the tree.

This was a tiring but interesting day. If you would like to sign up to adopt a tree, please contact us at:


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John Cummings