New developments enhance Cedarvale

As can be seen above, the new children’s water play feature is now well advanced. We are hoping that a line of trees is going to be planted between it and the tennis courts, providing some shade for the children.

Not far away from the water feature, at the “crossroads”, a new notice board has been installed. It is not yet in use, but we hope to gain access to it soon.

Near the Ava Rd entrance, a new bench has finally replaced the broken down boards that had been there for too long. The graphiti do not add to the overall appearance of the bench! Perhaps they could be painted over, as has been done at the Glencedar footbridge.

At the dog off-leash area, two water pipes have been installed, ready for water fountains. The one above is outside the dog park and the one below is inside. We hope that an accessible tap will be installed at the outside one, so that pails can be filled with water for tree watering under our recently started Adopt-a-Park-Tree program (see next post on the blog).

Finally, at long last No. 5 lamp on the path between the Bathurst St bridge and the subway has been replaced (see below). We have been requesting this new lamp for many months, after the previous one was completely removed by vandals. The numbering starts at the Bathurst St bridge. There are no lights in the ravine west of the bridge, as this was part of the former borough of York, whereas east of the bridge was part of Toronto.

John Cummings