Path behind Strathearn finally cleared

The last part of the path that runs parallel to Strathearn was finally cleared of fallen branches in early April. It was not accessible by truck, so the Davey crew had parked their vehicles on the main path below:

I met the three of them walking back down, chainsaws in hand. They rejected a “photo opportunity”, saying, “We don’t like photos”. Beside the path at the top, their handiwork was evident: piles of neatly stacked logs and brush.

Some of it was not so neatly stacked:

But most of it was, and the path was now nice and clear.

I noticed that the signs closing the path at both ends had at last been removed. The park paths are now almost completely cleared of ice storm  detritus. It remains to be seen what sort of replanting program will be initiated.

John Cummings