Spring runoff begins

The long, cold winter loosened its icy grip at last and various seasonal runoff creeks could be observed in the park on 31st March. The photo above was taken in the small wetland across the path from the tennis courts. Note the dogwood red osier in the foreground.

The photo above was also taken in the wetland.

Further south down the ravine, the creek that runs under the path between the Glencedar footbridge and the Bathurst St bridge was full of water.

Now we are looking at the water flowing down into the sewer, opposite the junction with the path that comes in from Forest Hill. Down there it joins the underground course of Castle Frank Brook, the creek that used to flow through the ravine and down to join the Don near Castle Frank.

Today 1st April I saw a hairy woodpecker and heard my first call of “konkaree” from an unseen red winged blackbird. It was exactly a year since I recorded the same bird call in the blog!

John Cummings