New barrier at Markdale Av done, Ava Rd still waiting.

Just before the ice storm, on 19th December, I took photos of the preparatory work for a new barrier at Ava Rd:

This is the view looking north across Ava and up Everden Rd towards the Eglinton Ave W subway station. You can see the new wooden posts on the left and right, and the metal cover over the hole where the retractable plastic barrier post is to be installed. The same metal cover was installed at the Markdale Av entrance, but not new wooden posts.

The photo above shows one of the new posts. That below shows the new metal cover from above:

Now we move on to 7th March, when I took a photo of the new plastic barrier post at Markdale Av:

In theory, these posts are retractable, and parks staff, contractors and safety vehicles will have keys to let them enter. “Joy-riders” will be kept out (you can see the tracks of these vehicles on the grass in summer). Apparently, however, the new barriers freeze up in cold weather and parks staff have removed them in some places to let snowplows and other vehicles in. My impression is that the Ava Rd barrier was never installed, because the metal plate was covered in thick ice. Eventually, the new barrier will be installed at there too.

Of course, the gate at the entrance off the parking lot next to the arena remains permanently open. The gate at Glenayr Rd can be closed, but does not currently have a lock. There are no barriers at Tichester/Heath St West, but also no obvious entry point for vehicles. Thus the two new barriers will help protect the park from unauthorized vehicles, but will not bar them entirely.

John Cummings